Berlin in the Fog #2.

Due to remaining requests, I am making a 2nd edition of this photograph (five 40x80cm prints, alu-dibond, acrylic glass sealed, numbered & signed):     #1/5 – SOLD #2/5 – SOLD #3/5 – SOLD #4/5 – SOLD #5/5 – SOLD   Write me an >>email<< to reserve your print and to get further details.   Note: These will never be available in this combination of size and material again. The >>last edition<< sold within a few hours, so be quick if you want this on your wall.   Photo: Carolin Weinkopf

Berlin in the Fog – limited edition.

Due to a few requests in the past days, I am making a limited edition of five 30x60cm prints (alu-dibond, acrylic glass sealed, numbered & signed) of this photograph:     #1/5 SOLD #2/5 SOLD #3/5 SOLD #4/5 SOLD #5/5 SOLD   Write me an >>email<< to reserve your print and to get further details. If ordered within a decent time frame, these will definately be in your mail before the holidays.   [Edit: Thank you guys. This was quick!!! Invoices have already been sent out.]   Photo: Carolin Weinkopf

Nepal: Kumbeshwar Technical School.

I only have five more minutes before power back-up is gone, I just wanted to share what I’m doing these days: I am photographing Kumbeshwar Technical School! Good Night from Kathmandu.   All photos: Carolin Weinkopf [Photography] [Fair Trade] [Nepal]

Boutique Barbara.

This weekend I went on a trip to Heidelberg. Besides a bit of sightseeing, tons of good food, lots of beer and wine I had the exceptional pleasure to visit this magnificent “young lady” (soon to be 94!) in her apartment for 60 years on saturday and sunday.   Barbara studied art and lived a wild dada-live in 1920’s & 30’s Berlin before she decided to move down south, raise a family and later open up Heidelberg’s hot spot to shop and gossip: “Boutique Barbara”. Though the shop closed down in the 1980’s and Barbara got retired, she is still …

Klara Manzel.

Before leaving for my New York City Trip I spent a whole rainy afternoon with this lovely young lady. The tomato girl is still my favourite picture of actress Klara Manzel, but not the only one I fell in love with.   All photos: Carolin Weinkopf

Michael Triegel.

In january, the director of the Macedonia documentary movie and I took the train through snowy landscapes to lovely Leipzig and actually got there about two hours late. Arriving in an industrial brick stone area covered in icicles, we were picked up by Michael Triegel and kindly welcomed in his warm and cozy loft studio.   I’m usually not into paintings, neither the old master’s way nor religious topics. But Michael Triegel’s works are truly impressive and seem to glow from inside. He clearly is a master of his craft and all of his paintings seem to have somewhat of …

Alice Dwyer.

A couple of days ago I met actress Alice Dwyer to go on a photographic walk through Kreuzberg. Unfortunately, it was so f*§%/&)”ing cold, we couldn’t really stay outside for more than a few minutes. Meeting this impressive young lady is always a pleasure, and I hope we can do this again when it’s a bit more comfortable outside. Bewitched by blue eyes!   All photos: Carolin Weinkopf

Arno Fischer.

My interview on sunday went quite well and now that I have it on paper, I might as well spread the word: Starting in march 2010, I will be a master student of Arno Fischer at Ostkreuzschule für Fotografie und Gestaltung in Berlin. Arno Fischer is one of the greatest photographers of his generation from the former East Berlin. Visit his >>website<<.