Life lately. #13/52

So after the sick week follows an almost healthy one. I worked my ass off these past days to catch up and actually got most of my stuff done. I spent a sunny saturday on a boat cruising Müggelsee and the lakes around with a group of drunken girls, which was absolutely amazing and so (!) relaxing. April will be good to me job-wise and will even involve a bit of travelling. While editing the past week’s photo shoots, I’m boosting my immune system with yellow, red and green smoothies and I really enjoy the beautiful weather outside. My eye …

Life lately. #12/52

Ten days of sick mini-me have tied my hands last week and explain why I am one week late on life-lately’s. The week was totally uneventful and exhausting, though I just love cuddling up all day so what’s there to complain? Sigh… Now I have caught my share of an eye infection, so hi there, sickness, once again.   All photos: Carolin Weinkopf via iPhone