This morning, we all woke up into this magical light that only appears when it is SNOWING. Mini-me tends to sleep well all night, but when it get’s bright in the morning, he starts to get wriggly. I got up with him and we stood by the window for a long time, me watching his amazed astonishement for all those white glimmering and shimmering snow flakes in the air. His eyes are so wide now, they are soaking up everything around him.


We were on the run all day, running errands in the snow, taking pictures like crazy, we went to visit N in his office, got a biometric picture taken and then finally got mini-me’s first passport! Not long until our first flight going home for Christmas, and not even three months until >>India<<! What a wonderful day.


Carolin Weinkopf, Winter, snow, Berlin
Photo: Carolin Weinkopf


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