And yes: I’m alive.

Just a quick note: I’m alive! I started about 15 blog posts over the past five (or so) weeks and never got to posting anything. I took some time off of the daily routines, we spent a week in Spain and just got back from five days of family action and for the first time since I own a laptop I decided to leave it at home while travelling and to just enjoy being away without worrying about work, photo editing or blogging. An all new kind of freedom, though having an iphone these days almost feels like carrying my …

Life lately. #13/52

So after the sick week follows an almost healthy one. I worked my ass off these past days to catch up and actually got most of my stuff done. I spent a sunny saturday on a boat cruising Müggelsee and the lakes around with a group of drunken girls, which was absolutely amazing and so (!) relaxing. April will be good to me job-wise and will even involve a bit of travelling. While editing the past week’s photo shoots, I’m boosting my immune system with yellow, red and green smoothies and I really enjoy the beautiful weather outside. My eye …

Life lately. #12/52

Ten days of sick mini-me have tied my hands last week and explain why I am one week late on life-lately’s. The week was totally uneventful and exhausting, though I just love cuddling up all day so what’s there to complain? Sigh… Now I have caught my share of an eye infection, so hi there, sickness, once again.   All photos: Carolin Weinkopf via iPhone


I walked for hours before my legs suddenly said STOP and N had to collect me by car somewhere in the middle of the city.   All photos: Carolin Weinkopf via iPhone  


After seeing my midwife yesterday I took a long walk through the Jewish cemetary in Prenzlauer Berg in the rain, breathing in cold, wet air and jumping over puddles. It was so lovely and peaceful, I forgot everything around me, collecting boy’s names from the tombstones (yes, I know I am weird) and searching for snails roused by the weather.   When I walked back I got tangled in thoughts and oversaw a barrier on Schönhauser Allee. Before I knew it I lay flat on the street, having hit my thigh, elbow, hand and umbrella. I’m hurt and bruised all …