A German Story.

For a while I have wanted to make a trip through my home country and explore the obvious, the unspectacular, and to search for the common and familiar in my surroundings. After traveling so much and so far in the past few years I felt ready for a bit of habitat. We’ve been home with our parents and grandparents for almost two weeks and went on a few trips in the area, walked through little villages, countless forests and woods and digged into family history and heritage a bit. This has been a beautiful and thoughtful journey so far and …

Gesucht: Tolle Orte in Deutschland.

Gebt mir Tipps, für tolle Orte in Deutschland.   Vorweg, ich habe mir etwas überlegt: Heute schreibe ich einfach mal auf Deutsch. Mein Blog war in den letzten Jahren ja so etwas wie mein persönliches Englisch-Bootcamp, aber immer wieder wird mir bewusst dass meine Leser ja nun wirklich vorrangig deutschsprachig sind (was auch an den Kommentaren deutlich wird). Natürlich gibt es auch viele internationale Leser, dadurch dass ich in den letzten Jahren so viel gereist bin und überall tolle Menschen kennengelernt und fotografiert habe. Und wenn ich ihnen gesagt habe, wo sie meine Bilder anschauen können, dann war ich auch …

Five days.

I had countless discussions about this with friends and strangers, but I personally never doubted that mini-me will be totally fine during his five-day stay with his daycare group on a farmstead somewhere near Berlin.   Today I started doubting (but not really). He’s leaving tomorrow. And I miss him already. I packed a pair of wings for him. Sigh.   Photo: Carolin Weinkopf via iPhone

Catalan Mountains.

We just returned from Spain, where we attended my friend’s classy, laid-back, Skandinavian-style wedding in the lower Pyrenees and also had a few days for a bit of proper vacation. After four days in Barcelona, with the wedding in between, we decided to return to the Catalan mountains for fresh air and silence.   A great decision, indeed.   All photos: Carolin Weinkopf