Life lately. #32/52

We basically spent last week in the forest, as you see in the pictures below. It was a slow and green and lovely week. We also went to Nürburgring for a day to watch vintage cars and I shot one of the best photos in a lifetime that day. I love it so much and keep looking at it, over and over again. It was the perfect moment and I am so grateful.   The woods around our hometown are breathtaking. It literally seems like they are mystic virgin jungles. More than once I asked myself, why, as a child, …

Catalan Mountains.

We just returned from Spain, where we attended my friend’s classy, laid-back, Skandinavian-style wedding in the lower Pyrenees and also had a few days for a bit of proper vacation. After four days in Barcelona, with the wedding in between, we decided to return to the Catalan mountains for fresh air and silence.   A great decision, indeed.   All photos: Carolin Weinkopf