And yes: I’m alive.

Carolin Weinkopf, fromwhereistand
Just a quick note: I’m alive! I started about 15 blog posts over the past five (or so) weeks and never got to posting anything. I took some time off of the daily routines, we spent a week in Spain and just got back from five days of family action and for the first time since I own a laptop I decided to leave it at home while travelling and to just enjoy being away without worrying about work, photo editing or blogging. An all new kind of freedom, though having an iphone these days almost feels like carrying my home office around everywhere. Apart from paid work I rarely ever touch my camera anymore, which still feels weird, but I am so so happy with the iphone results that I actually think one day I won’t need my camera anymore, for anything, because there is no advantage to it.


I am tired from a late night flight with toddler and actually a bit hung over today, so this is just a vital sign for the moment and I will catch up on life lately’s and a few real photos during the coming week. Plus I will definitely write-up on travelling with babies soon, because I truly feel I am pretty much a pro by now and can give valuable advice to other parents.


Until then, have a wonderful week, I will be back shortly.


Carolin Weinkopf, Germany, World Cup
Photos: Carolin Weinkopf via iPhone

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