Oh Boy!

Dear Mini-me,   how dare you being two years old today?   Being apart from you for a week this month has been the best decision I have made in a very long time. It was a trip to the past, to my old life, my old job, my old self. I had a blast. But after two or three days, I experienced something I have never felt before. I got homesick. Because I missed you.   Your loving character has become more complex since the last letter I wrote to you. How little did I know about you then? …


  Dear Mini-me,   you are 22 months old already (plus a few days, but well). Your chunky baby body has stretched into a chubby toddler shape. Your head has rapidly grown over the edge of the table, and now you see, and you reach. From uncertain yesses and nos, you’ve come to the point to give precise orders. From “more” to “even more” to “even more, mama!”, it was a twinkle. You’ve discovered ownership of toys (oh my) but still share your snacks with friends and strangers. You’ve learned to properly kiss and how to dose your bombastic affection. …

Five days.

I had countless discussions about this with friends and strangers, but I personally never doubted that mini-me will be totally fine during his five-day stay with his daycare group on a farmstead somewhere near Berlin.   Today I started doubting (but not really). He’s leaving tomorrow. And I miss him already. I packed a pair of wings for him. Sigh.   Photo: Carolin Weinkopf via iPhone

Oh you.

Dear Mini-me,   the apartment is a mess. I have been working too much too late lately and I don’t even care. It’s a charming chaos. The laundry piles up and in the mornings I get worried not to find anything clean to dress you with. When I pick you up from daycare, you smile and wink at me. Instead of leaving, you invite me to join in the fun. Jump in the ball bath, crawl in the box or climb on the slide. To any question I ask you, you say yes, nod, and twinkle, again. When we pass …

A tooth.

12 1/2 months ago when mini-me started dribbling for the first time, I was 100% sure his first tooth was on its way. Well, more than a year later, we’re still waiting over here. It’s become a routine to feel his gums every other day, especially during sleepless nights or clingy days.   Today he was really happy and smiling and I saw a little bright line on his gum (it’s been swollen for a while, but I swear, over a year ago, it was aswell!). So I did my mandatory gum-touch and, oh my, there is a incisor corner …

365 Days.

Dear Mini-Me,   one year ago I thought I’d die. It had been almost two days since my water broke, two weeks before your due date, I had been in inducted labour for almost 24 hours, I had been moved from the oh so natural birth house to the oh so hated hospital – and still you didn’t seem to get out.   I was absolutely desperate at that very moment, starting to give up on myself, as my body appeared to be incapable to birth you. I have no idea how it eventually happened, with a lot of help …

1 month.

Mini-me turned one month old today. I can’t believe how time is flying. It feels like he has just arrived. I dearly hope he’ll never leave again.   Photo: Carolin Weinkopf

Baby routine.

I’m working on finding a routine in this whole new situation. While I am desperate and mostly sleepless, enjoy the images of Anton’s first bath last weekend. It appears he really knows how to relax, doesn’t he?   (It’s amazing how efficient I can be chosing and editing photos when I have the pressure of a (maybe not so long) sleeping baby on me…)   All photos: Carolin Weinkopf


Mini-me is here. His name is Anton, he was born on September 25 around coffee hour and he’s perfect, super healthy and fine and now one week old.   We’re smitten and proud – yet still completely overwhelmed, speechless and so, so exhausted. It will take us a while to adjust to this new situation – so please give us some time.   Photo: Carolin Weinkopf

Traveling pregnant.

When I booked my trip to Spain a few weeks ago, numerous people called me “brave” and articulated their concerns of me traveling pregnant at 31+ weeks. I’m so glad I didn’t listen to any of them and just did what mini-me and my heart had told me: Get out and go!   Indeed I have not felt any better during my entire pregnancy than now. Warm sand has calmed my aches, mediterranean waves have rocked my baby, some of my favourite people have snuggled my belly and mini-me now responds to outside stimuli in such an impressive way. I …