Neulich am Brandenburger Tor haben Nina und ich ein bisschen bei den #fridaysforfuture Protesten mitgemacht und Greta Thunberg aus der Ferne angehimmelt. Gänsehaut! © Carolin Weinkopf 2019

ZEIT Online: Tönisvorst.

Vor ein paar Wochen war ich mit der wunderbaren Julia Meyer von ZEIT Online in ihrer Heimat Tönisvorst am Niederrhein. Ihre Reportage über das Gefühl, das das Auffliegen zweier islamistischer Gefährder aus dem Ort in der Bevölkerung ausgelöst hat und welche Auswirkungen das auf die Feierlichkeiten während des Karnevals hat, habe ich ausgiebig bebildert. Zum ganzen Artikel, der einige Stunden Aufmacher auf ZEIT Online war, geht es hier.   Alle Fotos: Carolin Weinkopf für ZEIT Online

Ein Rollstuhl für Ibadet!

Update: 10.09.2015 / 18:10 So wie es aussieht habe ich durch zwei sehr großzügige Spenden bereits mehr als genug Geld zusammen, um einen vernünftigen Rollstuhl vor Ort zu kaufen. DANKE!!!! Wenn ihr darüber hinaus trotzdem helfen möchtet, könnt ihr das natürlich tun. Ich werde mit meinen Jungs vor Ort versuchen zu entscheiden, wo es gut investiert wird. DANKE!   Ibadet J. ist 49 Jahre alt. Geboren wurde sie 1966 als Tochter von Roma in der Stadt Veles in Mazedonien. Sie und ihre zwei Schwestern wurden als Jugendliche mit dem Poliovirus (in Deutschland besser bekannt als Kinderlähmung – mein Opa litt …

What Serial Podcast did to me.

[Beware of SPOILERS here!]   Some of you may know what I am talking about, a lot of you may not. Serial is a podcast that aired sometime in October this year, reporting and re-investigating the murder case of an 18-year-old high school senior named Hae Min Lee in the suburbs of Baltimore in 1999. I stumpled upon the show through facebook and when lying in bed with a cold a few weeks back, I got so hooked that I listened to all episodes in a row (I think it was six at the time). Ever since, I have re-listened …

#BERLINFANSIGHTS – on Soccer, Fans and Flags.

I am not a huge soccer fan whatsoever, and I am definately not into that whole flag thing and think you can support the team without plastering yourself in black, red and gold. But because I am photographer, I started documenting the facades of soccer fan’s houses here in Berlin during the preliminaries of the World Cup in Brazil 2014, not expecting that the German team would make it to or even win the finals. If you follow my blog or >>instagram<<, you might have seen a lot of these photos already, tagged with #BERLINFANSIGHTS, but I thought I’d dedicate …

Muscat, Oman.

When I first landed in >>Oman<< in the middle of the night two years ago, I remember not being able to sleep because the view from my bedroom window was just too exciting. I had never been to the middle east and it was really too bewitching to just sleep.   Muscat is a mix of desert, beautiful, rocky mountains, traditional houses and a futurama-like network of modern superhighways with big, shiny white trucks driving on them. Contrasting scenes of wealthy, organized and clean Omani life and the more rough and lively class of migrant workers from Asia. All observed …


Familie Herbst (translates to “autumn”) moved out of their apartment after almost one century. I wonder what remains if we are gone one day. Don’t you?   All photos: Carolin Weinkopf

Heavy rain.

I remember last year’s excessive thunderstorms and nostalgically think back to hours of sitting on the windowsill, watching lightning strike Berlin’s TV tower and trying to >>catch it on photo<<. Unfortunately having a huge balloon in front of me to carry around doesn’t make it easier to bend over the parapet and shoot, and I decided the risk might be too high with mini-me jumping around in there.   This year’s summer seems to be quite similar (and possibly even “worse” – you know I love it, so I can’t complain!) in terms of rain and thunderstorms. Today, N and …


I walked for hours before my legs suddenly said STOP and N had to collect me by car somewhere in the middle of the city.   All photos: Carolin Weinkopf via iPhone  

Israel/Palestine: The Dead Sea.

Even though I was kissed-on-the-forehead-good-night, my sleep that night in Jericho was rather bad. Really tired, I attended my taxi driver host’s (rather long) morning tour, taking people to work and kids to school. Afterwards, he dropped me at the Northern tip of the Dead Sea and we waved good-bye.   Sun rising over Jericho’s palm trees.   Crossing in Jericho, with camels.   By the main square, kids on their way to school (and famous street art in the background).   Happy family in Jericho.   Now, the Dead Sea, from far away, seems like a stupid clichée. From …