Mini-me is here. His name is Anton, he was born on September 25 around coffee hour and he’s perfect, super healthy and fine and now one week old.


We’re smitten and proud – yet still completely overwhelmed, speechless and so, so exhausted. It will take us a while to adjust to this new situation – so please give us some time.


Carolin Weinkopf, Baby, Anton
Photo: Carolin Weinkopf


  1. Welcome on earth, mini-u! :)
    One week earlier you would have been born almost like .. eehm .. what was his name? Oh yes: Jesus.
    Carolin, I wish you a very pleasant journey with your son and his new familiy!
    Greetings, Gustav

  2. Carolin he is so beautiful. It will take a year to adjust, so take you time and enjoy every minute of him!!!! They grow up to fast :( We the stoddards will look forward to seeing him in hi onesies :) Love to you and your new family

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