Dear Pentax. (a crisis)

Carolin Weinkopf, Pentax, camera, K3, crisis

Dear Pentax,


it’s been a long love story between you and me. You were the first analogue slr camera I picked up as a teenager and actually felt comfortable with. You were with me from the beginning on. With you, I took my first shaky selfies in the bathroom, back in the US during my exchange school year. I love your handling, I love your look and I love the photos you give me, over and over again.


We went digital together, after our first analogue baby got stolen in >>Southern France<<. I was always happy with you, and I have never cheated on you. I used you until you died, over and over again. And I recommended you to anyone who asked me for advice on a really good camera. I believe in you. In a really desperate moment right before going to >>Macedonia<< in the summer of 2010 when my old baby broke, you even decided the project was worth your support, and you gave me your flagship model camera, for free, and to keep. This christmas, we got myself your >>newest flagship model<<, because it felt so right. The noise and the autofocus are so much better, and I’m actually quite happy with it. BUT.


I feel like I need to go >>full frame<<. I am hitting the limits here, and the price was not so low that I could ignore the fact that you crop off all my photos on the outside. You’ve done that for years, and I thought I didn’t mind, but just now that I have used my friend’s full frame camera on a project, I realize what a difference it makes. Why have you slept so long? For the first time in our relationship, I think I might have to break up with you. It breaks my heart. But I feel like you are limiting my potential. Please tell me, >>Pentax<<, are you going to release a full frame camera soon? Because if not, I cannot waste my time anymore. I will leave you. And since leaving you will cost me a fortune, when I am gone, I won’t come back. I am the only professional photographer I know who doesn’t shoot with the big >>C<< or >>N<<. I am sure there are a few other ones out there, but probably they are losing faith in you, like me. I don’t have the time to count on >>rumors<<. And I am impatient, because I feel enchained. I was loyal to you for 14 years and I still love you dearly, but why have you slept so long? You really need to start working a bit harder to keep me as your friend. Are you? Or no? Because if no, I will be gone very, very soon. And now Pentax, it’s your turn. Tell me, because I’m serious.


Waiting for your response,


Photo: Carolin Weinkopf

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