Maybe I secretly do have an idea what kept me from posting and writing for the past weeks… I just couldn’t have kept it a secret.


It’s incredibly hard to imagine and looking into the mirror I can hardly tell myself, but there’s a baby in my belly, growing rapidly.


This wasn’t planned and really surprised and confused me when we found out the day I went to Macedonia weeks ago, but by now the thought of being pregnant brings nothing but a big smile to my face. My bellybutton started sticking out a bit a few days ago and yesterday the doctor said we’ll be alright.


The past weeks have been exhausting, but I’m glad that mini-me has already gotten a taste of Turkey, Macedonia, Israel and Palestine and has met such incredible people by the tiny age of 12 weeks. I can only hope that everything stays as uncomplicated and relaxing as it’s been so far. I can’t wait to see my belly grow. This is beyond exciting.


Carolin Weinkopf, pregnant

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