Baby routine.

I’m working on finding a routine in this whole new situation. While I am desperate and mostly sleepless, enjoy the images of Anton’s first bath last weekend. It appears he really knows how to relax, doesn’t he?   (It’s amazing how efficient I can be chosing and editing photos when I have the pressure of a (maybe not so long) sleeping baby on me…)   All photos: Carolin Weinkopf

Traveling pregnant.

When I booked my trip to Spain a few weeks ago, numerous people called me “brave” and articulated their concerns of me traveling pregnant at 31+ weeks. I’m so glad I didn’t listen to any of them and just did what mini-me and my heart had told me: Get out and go!   Indeed I have not felt any better during my entire pregnancy than now. Warm sand has calmed my aches, mediterranean waves have rocked my baby, some of my favourite people have snuggled my belly and mini-me now responds to outside stimuli in such an impressive way. I …

Mini-me. 24 weeks old.

♥   (I went to see a different doctor a few weeks ago just for once to get a nicer picture. He had to beat him hard to even show his face, but BAM!)  


Today I am half way through my pregnancy (in German, we call that “Bergfest”), expanding like yeast dough and looking forward to everything to come.   Photo: Carolin Weinkopf


Maybe I secretly do have an idea what kept me from posting and writing for the past weeks… I just couldn’t have kept it a secret.   It’s incredibly hard to imagine and looking into the mirror I can hardly tell myself, but there’s a baby in my belly, growing rapidly.   This wasn’t planned and really surprised and confused me when we found out the day I went to Macedonia weeks ago, but by now the thought of being pregnant brings nothing but a big smile to my face. My bellybutton started sticking out a bit a few days …