Vor ein paar Tagen habe ich mir gemeinsam mit dem dänischen Journalisten Erik Jensen ein Auto gemietet und wir sind nach Tröglitz gefahren. Tröglitz ist eine kleine Gemeinde in Sachsen-Anhalt und erfuhr in der Nacht zum 4. April 2015 traurige Berühmtheit, als ein für die Unterbringung einer kleinen Anzahl von Flüchtlingen vorgesehenes Haus nachts in Flammen aufging.   Das Ergebnis unserer Reise in das Dorf südöstlich von Leipzig ist diesen Sonntag in der Beilage zur Wochenendausgabe der großen dänischen Tageszeitung Politiken erschienen. Ich freue mich über die interessante Zusammenarbeit, die mich in unerwartete Erklärungsnöte brachte und einige Überraschungen bereit hielt. …

A German Story.

For a while I have wanted to make a trip through my home country and explore the obvious, the unspectacular, and to search for the common and familiar in my surroundings. After traveling so much and so far in the past few years I felt ready for a bit of habitat. We’ve been home with our parents and grandparents for almost two weeks and went on a few trips in the area, walked through little villages, countless forests and woods and digged into family history and heritage a bit. This has been a beautiful and thoughtful journey so far and …

Life lately. #31/52

Looking back at this week, it seems it’s been a mainly vertical format photography kind of week. I had lots of Weinschorle with my Dutch friend Mariska when she came for a visit on her birthday, spent a whole afternoon on the playground in the rain with the happiest of all mini-mes and we eventually packed our bags and drove home to spent time with the grandparents.   I started #agermanstory on a rainy afternoon and I’m happy.   All photos: Carolin Weinkopf via iPhone

Life lately. #15+16/52

I had a crazy week with lots of shoots and a trip to Dresden and Leipzig included, meaning I slept all by myself, all night, non-interrupted with no toddler sitting on my face when waking up (and that’s for a whole night, I swear). It was great, and at the same time I felt very lonely and sad. Being a mom really is quite a weird thing to be honest. I won’t go into detail on this today though.   Being away for almost 48 hours, I was attached to my camera and iPhone, snapping photos all day, sucking up …


I walked for hours before my legs suddenly said STOP and N had to collect me by car somewhere in the middle of the city.   All photos: Carolin Weinkopf via iPhone