Life lately. #31/52

Looking back at this week, it seems it’s been a mainly vertical format photography kind of week. I had lots of Weinschorle with my Dutch friend Mariska when she came for a visit on her birthday, spent a whole afternoon on the playground in the rain with the happiest of all mini-mes and we eventually packed our bags and drove home to spent time with the grandparents.   I started #agermanstory on a rainy afternoon and I’m happy.   All photos: Carolin Weinkopf via iPhone

Life lately. #30/52

Please forgive my cheating, I am sneaking in posts I didn’t manage to publish on time, just so that future generations might assume I was always on schedule with these.   It’s been a hot week with a bit of office work, a lot of cuddling, a trip to the lake, a stab by a syringe, and long walks and bike rides around the city.   All photos: Carolin Weinkopf via iPhone

Life lately. #28/52

So I forgot the week before last in life latelys, and this is it. (I dated it back so it still makes sense.)   The week was coined by the world cup finals, the whole city was tense before Germany vs. Argentinia. While I personally wasn’t all that excited, flags crossed my way on every corner and I went on a few walks and bike tours to shoot more #BERLINFANSIGHTS in the city. >>One of my photos<< made it to >>Schland Watch<< and was heavily discussed. While I get that they show bits and pieces found online, and it was …

Heavy rain.

I remember last year’s excessive thunderstorms and nostalgically think back to hours of sitting on the windowsill, watching lightning strike Berlin’s TV tower and trying to >>catch it on photo<<. Unfortunately having a huge balloon in front of me to carry around doesn’t make it easier to bend over the parapet and shoot, and I decided the risk might be too high with mini-me jumping around in there.   This year’s summer seems to be quite similar (and possibly even “worse” – you know I love it, so I can’t complain!) in terms of rain and thunderstorms. Today, N and …