All new and shiny.

dead sea
I spent the past week, day and night, with this shiny new website and blog. It’s the first time I am working with content management (in words: wordpress) on my own site and it turns out to be great, easier and less fuzz, even though I am still slightly adjusting little bugs, day by day. Besides that this is what I dreamed of:


A very clean, minimal >>website<< that’s easy to manage and update with an integrated >>blog<<. For potential clients to look at my photos and the option to read some of the stories along. And for my dear readership to follow and read while being able to check out my portfolio without leaving the site.


I’m so proud I did this all by myself and have gotten most bugs out of the way already. And I think it gives my photography and blog a whole new, more appropriate platform. What do YOU think?


Photo: Carolin Weinkopf (Palestine, 2012)


(I hope to import all blog posts from ICH SEH DAS SO. over time, they all need editing and an additional title picture to fit in this theme…)


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