Baby routine.

I’m working on finding a routine in this whole new situation. While I am desperate and mostly sleepless, enjoy the images of Anton’s first bath last weekend. It appears he really knows how to relax, doesn’t he?   (It’s amazing how efficient I can be chosing and editing photos when I have the pressure of a (maybe not so long) sleeping baby on me…)   All photos: Carolin Weinkopf


Mini-me is here. His name is Anton, he was born on September 25 around coffee hour and he’s perfect, super healthy and fine and now one week old.   We’re smitten and proud – yet still completely overwhelmed, speechless and so, so exhausted. It will take us a while to adjust to this new situation – so please give us some time.   Photo: Carolin Weinkopf

Elisabeth Rank.

Lisa and I went to university together (and this was years ago, oh my…). She’s always been one of those promising girls from journalism classes, with a >>saucy writing<< and the right portion of self-confidence to >>move mountains<<. Almost two years ago, Lisa wrote her >>debut novel for Suhrkamp<<, now she’s in the final throes of her new book for Berlin Verlag and a senior creative at one of Berlin’s cool media agencies as well.   I shot Lisa’s official author portrait a few weeks ago while drinking purple lemonade, spilling coffee on the table and having great conversations. Such …

Sina Martens.

After shouting for the last chance of portraits before my maternity leave, a bunch of people contacted me for photos. >>This lovely young lady<< was one of my favourites, so kind, so unpretentious and sure so pretty. I’m still pumped of how much Sina Martens loved the shoot and the outcome and can’t wait to shoot portraits again with mini-me out here in the world.   All photos: Carolin Weinkopf


I was picking up a train ticket tonight at Ostkreuz when I saw tons of police and firemen running around. Seems as if some crazy person had decided to burn some cars (again…). It was insane, especially because the fire didn’t seem to be controllable and the firemen actually pushed the flames from one car to another. I’m almost sure it was only one car that was put on fire (and it kept on lighting up again) – but the firemen concentrated on one car, while pushing the flames to the neighbouring cars, then trying to control those, while the …

Traveling pregnant.

When I booked my trip to Spain a few weeks ago, numerous people called me “brave” and articulated their concerns of me traveling pregnant at 31+ weeks. I’m so glad I didn’t listen to any of them and just did what mini-me and my heart had told me: Get out and go!   Indeed I have not felt any better during my entire pregnancy than now. Warm sand has calmed my aches, mediterranean waves have rocked my baby, some of my favourite people have snuggled my belly and mini-me now responds to outside stimuli in such an impressive way. I …

Heavy rain.

I remember last year’s excessive thunderstorms and nostalgically think back to hours of sitting on the windowsill, watching lightning strike Berlin’s TV tower and trying to >>catch it on photo<<. Unfortunately having a huge balloon in front of me to carry around doesn’t make it easier to bend over the parapet and shoot, and I decided the risk might be too high with mini-me jumping around in there.   This year’s summer seems to be quite similar (and possibly even “worse” – you know I love it, so I can’t complain!) in terms of rain and thunderstorms. Today, N and …

Fashion Daily.

Last night I took some mood shots for my friends at >>Fashion Daily<< at one of their Berlin fashion week events. It was hard to stay sober while everyone was swimming in champagne and my belly decided to be extra big and iffy at once, but it was nice to whizz around, pick up lemonade and finger food and be the undercover photographer (while everyone’s camera was big and super-flashy, I tried to stay in the background and used my smallest analogue lens and a quite different perspective). Enjoy.   All photos: Carolin Weinkopf   I really do love shooting …


Taking photos of friends when they do not pay attention has always been my favourite thing to do. I’m so lucky I’ve got such beautiful friends. This is Kat.   Photo: Carolin Weinkopf