Familie Herbst (translates to “autumn”) moved out of their apartment after almost one century. I wonder what remains if we are gone one day. Don’t you?   All photos: Carolin Weinkopf


Two days before and two days after the wedding, we spent in Barcelona, sporting some lovely airbnb flats and exploring the city. Definitely a lovely place on earth, I must admit, Barcelona is just not for me, even though I’ve been there soooo many times that it might make a different impression. I love the tiny streets, the balconies, the atmosphere, the food, and, oh yes, the shopping and the beaches, but there’s something about it that ‘s just not for me.   Anyways, we had beautiful cook-outs with our friends also visiting for the wedding, sat by the beach …

Max Mauff.

I met >>Max Mauff<< at the film set of “In der Überzahl” (for which he won the Max Ophüls film prize for up and coming actor this spring) along with the wonderful >>Ulrich Thomsen<< and a great team in Brandenburg in winter 2011/12.   A few weeks ago Max and I met up and went on a walk through Kreuzberg’s backyards and I snapped a few pictures. His odd beauty is remarkable and I think it was caught very well in these particular two photographs.   Photos: Carolin Weinkopf

365 Days.

Dear Mini-Me,   one year ago I thought I’d die. It had been almost two days since my water broke, two weeks before your due date, I had been in inducted labour for almost 24 hours, I had been moved from the oh so natural birth house to the oh so hated hospital – and still you didn’t seem to get out.   I was absolutely desperate at that very moment, starting to give up on myself, as my body appeared to be incapable to birth you. I have no idea how it eventually happened, with a lot of help …

Catalan Mountains.

We just returned from Spain, where we attended my friend’s classy, laid-back, Skandinavian-style wedding in the lower Pyrenees and also had a few days for a bit of proper vacation. After four days in Barcelona, with the wedding in between, we decided to return to the Catalan mountains for fresh air and silence.   A great decision, indeed.   All photos: Carolin Weinkopf

Bea Brocks.

A few months ago when I was heavily pregnant with mini-me (seems like years ago, actually…), I took photos of my friend and stunning actress >>Bea Brocks<< for her portfolio. Never got to show these until now, so here they are.   All photos: Carolin Weinkopf


I’m still home and we’re having high water by the Rhine river. It looks so beautiful that we go on walks a lot, with levels rising and declining, forming new, beautiful landscapes every day.   My friends and I decided to stay here for New Year’s, we’re having a simple, delicious dinner with good wine and champagne, with a bit of private fireworks and not much more. What a beautiful end to a silent, slow, yet beautiful year with one big, unquestionable highlight: >>Anton<<.   To all of you, have a wonderful start into 2013 tonight and I promise to …


This morning, we all woke up into this magical light that only appears when it is SNOWING. Mini-me tends to sleep well all night, but when it get’s bright in the morning, he starts to get wriggly. I got up with him and we stood by the window for a long time, me watching his amazed astonishement for all those white glimmering and shimmering snow flakes in the air. His eyes are so wide now, they are soaking up everything around him.   We were on the run all day, running errands in the snow, taking pictures like crazy, we …

Travel plans: India.

When I first found out I was pregnant (and that wasn’t planned!) my first thought was: Oh shit, I will have to cancel all my trips. Well, I didn’t cancel all of them (not Istanbul, not Macedonia, nor Israel and Palestine, nor Spain), but at least Abu Dhabi in October had to be shifted to another time. In March next year, I will take N. and mini-me with me on a job to >>India<<, that will most probably be extended to an adventure lasting a few days longer. You have no idea how excited we are! I can’t wait.   …

1 month.

Mini-me turned one month old today. I can’t believe how time is flying. It feels like he has just arrived. I dearly hope he’ll never leave again.   Photo: Carolin Weinkopf