Oh Boy!

Dear Mini-me,


how dare you being two years old today?


Being apart from you for a week this month has been the best decision I have made in a very long time. It was a trip to the past, to my old life, my old job, my old self. I had a blast. But after two or three days, I experienced something I have never felt before. I got homesick. Because I missed you.


Your loving character has become more complex since the last letter I wrote to you. How little did I know about you then? You are not only flirty, you are also very picky. You are not only happy, but you are shameless and naughty. Your laugh has gotten even deeper and dirtier than I ever imagined a toddler laugh could be (it is head-turning, indeed).


I can now see sparks of the adult that you are growing up to be, and I am starting to struggle to remember the little baby that you were.


I love you so. And Prost.


Happy Birthday, Mini-me.



All photos: Carolin Weinkopf

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