Life lately. #29/52

Berlin is a breeding pressure tank these days and anyone who knows me can figure that I am basically out-of-order right now. I try to cross all errands of my to-do-lists early or late, so I don’t need to spend too much time in the heat. When I do get myself outside, I try to do pleasant things, like spending all afternoon at the water playground with mini-me, or eat spaghetti ice cream with >>Lisa<< and >>Nina<<. On sunday, after a very short night (5am, I tell you…), we spent all day at the public pool, along with what felt like 90% of Berlin.


Besides the relaunch of my blog and website I don’t have much to do this July. Most clients in the pipe decided to postpone our shoots to times that are less sweaty, two shoots were entirely cancelled for now and I basically just do things I have been procrastinating about for the entire year, so working wasn’t all too much fun this week, but still very productive.


I am proud and happy that my new website/blog has multiplied my statistics in something like two weeks and I am getting positive feedback from friends and strangers alike. There are still a few little things that I’m not all that happy with, but all together, this has been the best administrative effort I’ve done in quite a while.


We are still collecting hot advice for photography subjects to find within Germany (please comment >>here<<) and are trying to fit everything we still need/want to do in, before leaving to visit the grandparents (mini-me’s daycare will close for three weeks starting next Monday, so we need help on all ends). I’m planning to start the Deutschland-project from there and am super excited that this is finally happening.


The recent world events have made us dizzy and speechless, we have been watching a lot of TV (which we almost never do) and checking the news very often. I hope for peace in the Middle East and for a fair reconnaissance of the crash of MH17. Though this seems like utopia from this standpoint. With a little kid in tow, life seems a whole lot more vulnarable and I just hope for sober minds world-wide.


Have a good week and don’t melt, ok?


(You may notice that I skipped a week here, and that this post is one day early. You know, my brain is jelly now. I might fix this. Or not.)


carolin weinkopf, fanmeile berlin
egon brandstetter herrenschneider, carolin weinkopf
carolin weinkopf, miederwaren, neukölln
carolin weinkopf, müsli
potty training, mini-me, carolin weinkopf
carolin weinkopf, mini-me, smaracuja
carolin weinkopf, summer light
carolin weinkopf, mini-me
prinzenbad, carolin weinkopf

All photos: Carolin Weinkopf via iPhone (except of the picture of me, mini-me and Nina, that’s taken by Lisa)

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